RCS Scodix digital embossing

The Scodix1200™ UV DigitalEmbossing™ Press that turned heads at IPEX has found its first UK customer – Nottingham-based commercial printer RCS – in a deal brokered by Scodix’s UK agent image2output.

RCS managing direct Michael Todd with

RCS managing director Michael Todd: new Scodix DigitalEmbossing™ Press will give commercial printer ‘a key differentiator’

The Scodix1200™ is effectively an offline spot coating machine that produces a variety of clear digital ink print effects, including embossing and coating. It does not require dies, moulds, films or screens, and can even print/embss personalised and variable data with zero set-up and a single-step makeready. It takes paper sizes up to B2 and 500 gsm thick.

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RCS managing director Michael Todd said that the installation of the device at RCS will end the company’s practice of sub-contracting lamination via a screen print process: “That process lacks accuracy and glossiness, and isn’t able to provide the embossing effect possible with the Scodix1200™.”

He added: “The conventional print market is extremely price-competitive, and the Scodix will give us a key differentiator allowing us to unlock more markets.”


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